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Violet Beating Heart

so here are some brief things about me

hey you guys my name is courtney, my friends sometimes call me court-nay.  but now i like signing my name as courtney-renee, i dont know why i just think that is it fun.  i am a very fun person who loves life, and that is only because i am in love with Jesus Christ!!!  the Lord is my number one priority, then comes school, family, and then my friends.  i am going to be a freshman at loara highschool next year and i am very excited.  i love sports!  usually people dont think that of me becasue i am such a girly girl, but hey who says you cant be both?  i love dance and softball!  but right now i am not playing either of them because i am having some issues with my knees, but thats ok  :-D  I think thats all that you need to know about me.   I hope you enjoy my site!!                 
    <3  courtney-renee  

Ok you guys, so go ahead and make your self at home and take a look around!


^ up above is picture of me and lindsay having fun, and being ourselves ^


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^This is one of my all time favortie songs, i love it! now u have a taste of what kind of music i like ^