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my dreams

these are my dreams. what i want to be in life.  i have many things on my list, but we'll see what God has i store for me.
  • i would really like to become a professional dancer in either modern or jazz, become a choreographer and maybe even up my own dance studio one day.
  • maybe i could become a recording artist and play my guitar! but you have to have skills for that, ha, and i think i am getting there!
  • i love acting!!! this is one thing that i find oh so much fun because you get to pretend to be someone else.  i think that is just so cool, i love being on the movie set or what not.
  • i also plan on having a family too, i want to be married in my 20's and have like 6 kids! ha, ya i know it's alot, and my friends think im crazy, but thats what i want!

i would LOVE to do ALL these things, and i know it sounds crazy but im a busy body.  i think i could handle all this, but only with the Lord's help.  my favorite verse that gives me all my ideas is Phil 4:8  i can do all things through Christ who strngthens me.