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about me

now here are some details about me

so basically here is my life in a nut shell, you ready?
i was born in la palma, lived in bellflower for a while then moved to anaheim. i really do love it here, just being in orange county. i dont think i that i could live anywhere else.  i went the prince of peace lutheran school for about 5 years, and then i went to calvary chapel anaheim. i love that school to death! i am very glad i went to calvary because that is where i found myself and my place in this awesome world!i was also valedictorian of my 8th grade class there.  i have a brother and a sister, a mom and a dad and whole mess of friends!!
i think this is enough information for you guys,ya?                      love, courtney-renee


this is what i love doing!

me and my guitar...

so as you can see i am playing my guitar, even though it might not look like it i am. hehe.  i got this guitar for my birthday this year and i am leaning how to play it right now.  i am pretty good at it i must say(for a beginner)  i enjoy it very much because i absolutely love music, and i think that it is awesome that i can now play my own! 

my interest include:
dance: ballet, jazz, modern and all sorts!
sports: softball, football, volleyball, and many others but these are my favorites
music: christian rock, pop, ect.
art: ok now this is a big one for me because dance and music is considered art, and dance and music is a HUGE part of my life!  so i love to make up my own dances(i would like to be a choreographer) and i love sining and playing my guitar

ok right here i have to give a shout out to all my favorite peoples!!             
     lindsay! becca boo!  justine! keir! leeann! michelle! kelssy! ashley! marlena! jem! randi! jacob! bryan! alan! cod man! louis!  michael! allen! vance! jesse! anthony! sarah! amanda g! 
up there is all of my best of best friends, i know its a lot, but we are all oh so close!          love it!